Michaela McLean

Age: 21

Local Title: Miss Florida Citrus

Education: University of Alabama - Double Major in Dance and Public Relations with Specialization in Sport and Entertainment Communication Management

Hometown: Clermont, Florida

Platform: Brave and Beautiful: Breaking Free from Behind the Screen

Talent: Lyrical Dance


Michaela McLean, Miss Florida 2019, is a passionate advocate for her social impact initiative, “Brave & Beautiful: Breaking Free from Behind the Screen”. As a leader, team member, and older sister, Michaela has personally interacted with young women all over the world and is well acquainted with the struggles they face. She recognizes the addictive misuse of social media by young women today as an escalating mental health crisis that breeds social anxiety, depression, negative body image and isolation. Her three-pronged approach to promoting young women’s social media literacy is to create positive, purpose-driven media, educate young women through an evidence-based curriculum teaching transformational strategies on establishing and maintaining healthy habits, and advocate for legislation that implements programs and funding of advisory councils to facilitate meaningful conversations resulting in positive mental health and productive lifestyles.  She empowers young women through The Brave & Beautiful Experience, an all-girls gathering that is a creative blend of heartfelt testimony, talented performances, and relevant teaching from a credible team of speakers and performers. To date, Michaela’s message has reached thousands in multiple nations from orphanages, to all-girls schools, churches, and sorority houses. To schedule a visit from Michaela, please contact Jennifer@missflorida.org.

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