These amazing women have graced the Miss Florida stage.
Read below to learn about how this program impacted their lives!

“The Miss Florida organization equipped me with the tools necessary to have success in my dream career. I am always relying on skills I learned while serving the state I care most about especially when I’m in high-pressure situations on live TV.  I will always give back to this organization that gave so many priceless gifts to me. If you want to truly promote young women, this is the way to do it.”


Miss Florida 2012, Reporter and Host for CNN International, ESPN, and the SEC Network


"The Miss Florida organization provides life-changing experiences for every woman who participates. It's incredibly motivating to be surrounded by other like-minded, driven women who are committed to making a difference in this world. I am thrilled that I am now involved as a corporate sponsor and am able to create opportunities for Miss Florida and the local candidates through Real Talk to give back to their communities and help change the lives of others." 


Miss Florida 2006, Vice President of Business Development for Advanced Recovery Systems


"My scholarships from Miss Florida and winning the Non-Finalist Talent Award at Miss America paid for my law school.  I graduated loan-free. This opened up amazing opportunities for me to work during law school in unpaid judicial internships for the Chief Judge of federal district court and the 1st Court of Appeals. Working closely with these judges inspired me to become a judge. I am honored to be a County Judge in my hometown of Sarasota. My Miss Florida scholarships made not only my dream of competing on the Miss America stage come true, but also my judicial career."


Miss Florida 1991, County Court Judge


"This organization is truly unparalleled in its ability to empower women with the tools they need to be world changers. Wearing the Miss Florida crown sharpened my skills as a communicator, clarified my passion for empowering young women, taught me the importance of both inner beauty and self-care, cultivated my heart for serving others, and instilled in me a standard of excellence that has helped me succeed in work, ministry, marriage, motherhood, and everything in between!"


Miss Florida 2008


"During my time participating in the Miss Florida Scholarship Program, I earned more than $40,000 in scholarships.  This afforded me the opportunity to complete my Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications from the University of Florida, and earn a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida.  The benefits I received extend beyond the critical scholarship dollars.  The personal growth and development I achieved during my time as a participant in the program continue to impact my life today.  I believe in giving back to the program that has given me so much.  It is a true joy to watch these future leaders develop and blossom in the program, and I look forward to seeing their future endeavors."


Miss Florida 1996


“The best preparation I received for a career in diplomacy, finance and later television hosting was by participating as a contestant in Miss Florida. The skills acquired through the competition taught me at a very young age how to speak publicly, Interview for the job, and network with community leaders. I am forever grateful for the head start in life I received through being a Miss Florida contestant.”


State Department Spokesperson, FOX News Contributor, National Co-Chair of Maverick PAC, EM Banker/Consultant & US Naval Reserve Officer

"I paid off the last of my law school loans with my scholarship money. The Miss America system also allowed me an opportunity to perform my talent in front of large audiences which made me a better performer when I later became the feature twirler at Troy and the interview experience from the Miss America system was invaluable to my current career."


Transactional Attorney at Dean Mead Law Firm

"My three years competing in the Miss Florida Organization afforded me the opportunities to develop skills and confidence that I continue to use everyday. During my time competing I was a student at Florida State University. The values of leadership and service that the Miss Florida Organization encourages motivated me to become an active leader on campus which changed my college experience for the better. Today, I work in consulting where meeting with clients and giving presentations is a part of my regular routine. The public speaking confidence I gained while competing set me up for success in my career!"


Alight Solutions

"The Miss Florida Organization completely changed my life. With each new year I competed, I gained friends, confidence, mentors, and the ability to make a difference in my community. Through this organization, I received $45,000 in scholarships, served twice as a maid of honor to women I competed with, presented my platform at a national conference, and partnered with local government to implement change in my community. I now serve on a local pageant board and witness the impact firsthand through the lives of young women in central Florida. The impact is significant and the life change is real."


Education Assistant at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts