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Stronger Together.

The Miss Florida organization is dedicated to helping all young women to succeed as they pursue their dreams of higher education.

Our Mission Hero

Since our founding in 1935, the Miss Florida organization has had a major impact in our community and is proud to have made the following contributions


Scholarships awarded to candidates in our state since 1935


Candidates ranked the experience as a fantastic opportunity for growth


Scholarships awarded to candidates in the last 5 years

Our Mission Statement

The Miss Florida Scholarship Program recognizes the importance and immense value of diversity, from our candidates, sponsors and volunteers. We understand that diversity in values, perspectives and life experience enrich us all. Diversity is not a finite number, instead, it is a journey best taken and appreciated with others.

We all learn from the young women who have a different way of thinking. Who is an individual and is not afraid to stand out. Each young woman we encounter at the Miss Florida Scholarship Program broadens our horizons. They are all champions, true individuals, unstoppable in forging ahead to achieve their goals. This is Miss Florida, and we welcome her.

We aim to create a safe space for these individuals to compete as they strive to achieve their goals. We value the gifts and ideals of all young women and celebrate, not denigrate, their contributions to not only our organization, but to the world at large.

As always, we strive to have a fair, unbiased and a diverse panel of judges. These individuals must appreciate the intelligence and diversity of our candidates as well as the special talents they offer as they serve their communities as well as the State of Florida.

The Miss Florida crown fits every great woman,
because every great woman fits the Miss Florida crown.

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