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There she is......Our Miss Florida.

With the Miss America Competition being 2 weeks ago, we've had time to reflect on the incredible representation that Lindsay made for our program and the great state of Florida. To say we are proud is definitely an understatement, Lindsay went above and beyond in every area of competition. Watching Lindsay prepare for this monumental moment, which she began immediately on June 25th was very heartwarming, the determination that she had to make sure every aspect of this experience would unfold as she had always dreamed was so real.

Lindsay is the epitome of a gracious and dedicated titleholder, we are blessed to have her as our Miss Florida 2022 -- We Love You Lindsay!!!

Her journey during her preparation was not taken alone, she was supported and encouraged by her loyal supporters - Thank you to each of you!!

A Special Thank You to:

Ann Marie Griffin of Ann Marie's Boutique,

Carry O'Neal & David Lang of Regalia,

Allison Kreiger Walsh,

Chris Martin, Copperhead Salon,

Vernon DeSear,

Mark & Jena Parker & Bella Visage Medical & Aesthetic Rejuvenation

LaVoyce & Lanier Porter

Liam Fitzpatrick's

Shea Sullivan,

Judi Siegkried & Janice Stern,

Lindsey Mallory of SPRAY,

Christine Jump,

Cox Chevrolet

Nick & Moe's

and the Board of Directors of the Miss Florida Scholarship Program.


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